Number of days : 8

Rome and the Vatican, Pompeii, Tuscany and Florence Pisa

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Italy is a country with enormous cultural legacy: Tuscany alone has more classified historical monuments than any country in the world. In addition, there are considerable remnants of the Roman Empire all over the country. We will focus on Pompeii: an amazingly well-preserved site and a fantastic example of ancient History.

Day 1 - Arrival

- Upon arrival at Rome’s airport, enjoy a Bus City tour of Rome.
- Visit of the Coliseum before walking across to the Forum.
- Climb to the top of the Vittoriano from which you could enjoy the wonderful views of Rome.

Day 2 - Vatican

- Visit the Vatican, its museum and the Sistine Chapel, most famous for Michelangelo’s paintings.
- Continue by St Peter’s Square and enjoy the splendor of the Basilica. To finish the visit, move underground and visit the Tomb of Pope John Paul II.
- Walking city tour: see the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps.

Day 3 - Pompeii

- Check out and transfer to Pompeii. Visit the Gladiators Barracks, the Odeon, the Lupanaro and the Villa de Misteri.
- We will go to Herculaneum where the Roman ruins are still evident beneath the current town. Visit the Suburban Baths, an excellent introduction with their mosaics and reliefs, and see the well preserved Roman villas and other public buildings.
- Overnight and dinner in Naples.

Day 4 - Siena & Florence

- Check out and travel to Florence.
- Lunch will be in Siena where we will stop off for sightseeing in this Medieval and Baroque city.
- Travel on to Florence and check in.
Depending on the time left, we will take an evening or late walk in Florence.

Day 5 - Florence

- Explore the incredible city of Florence. Walk along the river Arno, stop by the Ponte Vecchio and visit the Duomo (cathedral).
- Have free some time to explore the pedestrian old town of Florence and buy some souvenirs.
- Visit the Uffizi Gallery which houses the collections of the infamous Medici family: Caravaggio, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Durer, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Goya, Rembrandt, Van Dyk, Velazquez, Rubens, and many more.

Day 6 - Pisa

- Journey to Pisa. Once there, visit the four impressive buildings that stand on the immense green lawn: the breathtaking Duomo (cathedral), built almost 1,000 years ago, the cathedral’s bell tower - better known as the Leaning Tower -, the Battistero (Baptistery) and the Camposanto- one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.
- Head to the beautiful little Tuscan town of Lucca which is protected by its thick 16th-century walls and featuring some of Italy’s finest medieval and Renaissance architecture.

Day 7 - San Gimignano

- Check out for the return journey back to Rome.
- En-route, the coach will stop off in the historic town of San Gimignano which is famous for its towers and historical buildings.
- Head to a vineyard for a small tour.
- We will be back to Rome for our final night in Italy.

Day 8 - Departure

- Check out and transfer to the airport.
The program will vary depending on departure time.