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Info for teachers

Our travel offers

Each program is intended as a guide only, indicating a planned itinerary and series of activities and highlights. Our intention is to adhere to the day to day schedule published in the final offer that you will receive. If there is any deviation from the planned itinerary due to safety, transportation, weather, etc., iTS will endeavour to ensure that the trip remains equally enjoyable and rewarding to all concerned.

Since our programs can be customized to suit the needs of the school, our offers do not have a price. Itineraries can be altered but it is important to remember that prices will change depending on what activities are involved, the time of year, length of stay and other requirements specified when requesting a program.

The trip is crafted specifically to your group, from scratch and a la carte, to make sure that the program will meet all the school’s expectations. Accommodations, sightseeing, meals and activities are arranged with consideration of safety, the client’s interests and budget.

Our Staff

iTS provides a high quality service to all our groups with customizable trips and experienced tour guides who will accompany the group from the start to the end, and will remain available for the group at all times, ensuring that they are provided with the safest and best service.

iTS guides are passionate travellers and are trained to coordinate large groups of students and to make your trip as wonderful as possible.

Our customers

We are proud to have clients from all over the world. Schools from Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America have, and still do, place their confidence in us.

With a wealth of experience behind us, we can easily adapt to any requirement or need you may have during the organization of the trip.