Why ITS Educ ?

iTS is a destination management company that provides schools with a service that alleviates the pressures of running international school trips. We provide exceptional support and advice during the trip planning process, when the group is in- country and also a post-trip assistance when needed.

The overall aim of iTS is to provide your students with an experience of a life-time. We believe that education outside of the classroom is fundamental in the development of all young people.

iTS aims to enrich students’ learning and personal understanding of the world around us: culturally, spiritually, socially and historically. We aim to assist with the holistic development of all students within our care.

What makes iTS different to other providers?

Our dedicated and experienced staff have many years of working with young people and travelling with groups to a number of different countries. With a wealth of educational experience, iTS knows what schools require to ensure successful trips:

We understand the needs for a group’s specific trip include, but are not limited to:
Health and Safety implications and risk assessment; Presentation materials for your school and parents; Accommodation and special meal requirements; Tailor-made itineraries;
Discounts or free places for teachers.

iTS facilitates support throughout a school group’s visit. Our specialized staff will accompany the group from the moment of arrival to the final departure and will remain with the group for the entire trip (24h/7d). We aim to support accompanying teachers to the best of our ability and will liaise with them at the end of each day to discuss how our support can enhance the trip for the students.

We believe it is important that groups have this support throughout their time with us to avoid any unnecessary dealing between teachers and in-country operators. Time is valuable and we want to ensure that both teachers and students can profit the most from their time on the trip.