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Info for parents


An overseas visit for anyone is a brave new step. Travelling for the first time to a new country either alone, with family or in a group, can be intimidating.
Especially if the cultural and economic differences are vast, compared to your home country. We wholly understand that a trip for a young person will always be an anxious time for parents and we aim to alleviate any anxiety via regular communication with the teachers in charge of the trip.

A school trip will provide children with countless opportunities to experience an education outside of the classroom. iTS provides this level of safety and assurance away from the normal confines of a school allowing groups to feel relaxed, safe and confident while being given the opportunity to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone in a safety controlled environment.

“The opportunities are now here to take advantage of and many times we are told by parents that they wish they had had the same opportunities in their time at school.”

We believe that through the activities and services we provide, we are opening doorways to other cultures and ways of life which will in turn help develop your students to become intrinsically motivated and global citizens. Through our services we hope that all of our participants will have an enjoyable, rewarding and educational experience in developing the whole person.

Children will always come home from a trip full of stories and experiences to share. Much of the feedback we receive from schools is based on the students’ point of view, however if you have any suggestions or comments, we are more than ready to listen. Our customers are both you and your children so we want to ensure we can maintain our high quality of provision.


Safety will be the first priority of any school and parent when deciding on which country to visit and what activities to participate in. We carry out a full risk assessment of the destination, accommodation, transport, activities, restaurants, sights to be visited, plus any other aspect that may be considered a safety issue for a trip.

Before any destination is even considered to be used by iTS, our qualified staff visit the country beforehand to ensure all risk assessments are completed and the necessary items checked. If we are using third party operators, we ensure they comply with our safety standards, are full licensed and are insured for the activity.

Although iTS is a Swiss based company, our dealings are with many schools from an international background with British Standards (BS 8848:2007) as the bench mark for health and safety in schools.

“ It’s not compulsory for organizations to sign up to a standard, so you can feel confident that those that choose to comply with British Standards take safety and customer service seriously.”

iTS follow the British Standard core principles:
- Informed choice – all risks should be assessed and clearly explained so that everyone involved understands what they are getting into before they book.
- Single provider - there should be one clearly identified organization in charge of the venture to take overall responsibility.
- Experienced staff - all ventures should be run by competent and experienced staff who have had vigorous background checks.