Number of days : 7

Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves, Aboriginal Culture, Jungle survivor

Adventure and Sports Conservation Projects Trekking Expeditions


Populated by a blend of Malays, Chinese, Indians and indigenous groups, Malaysia boasts a rich cultural heritage, from a huge variety of annual festivals and wonderful cuisines, to traditional architecture and rural crafts. There’s astonishing natural beauty to take in too, including some of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.
As there is an incredible amount to see and do, we’ve picked out the best excursions so you don’t miss the highlights.

Day 1 - Arrival

- Arrival at Kuala Lumpur Airport and transfer to the hotel in the capital.
- After dinner, take a stroll through the boisterous and festive open air bazaar of Chinatown’s night market.

Day 2 - Kuala Lumpur City tour

- Depart for the Kuala Lumpur City Tour, Petronas Skybridge observation deck and KL Bird Park. A must for first time visitors to Kuala Lumpur! This interesting tour will unveil the beauty and charm of the old and new Kuala Lumpur known as the “Garden City of Lights”.

Day 3 - Batu caves

- We will go on a tour of the countryside, visiting a pewter factory showing Malaysia as one of the biggest producers of tin, Batu Caves – the holy, sacred cave temple for the Hindus and a batik factory.
- After the tour, we will go for a shopping afternoon.

Day 4 - Aboriginal Village

- Depart to Gombak. There, you will be brought by Aboriginal villagers to the local museum to learn the history of Aboriginal ethnics in Malaysia and see some native artifacts such as hunting weapons, traditional houses, clothing, traditional medicine and culture.
- Morning tea break: you will be introduced the techniques of Knowing Each Other.
- Group Team Formation: you will be divided into teams and then be introduced to an Aboriginal family.
- Wall Painting: students are given a set of painting equipment to create a Nature Wall Painting.
- Outdoor Games / Team Amazing Race before dinner.

Day 5 - Jungle lodge

- Introduction to the Aboriginal Village to understand the ethnic aboriginal lifestyle.
- River Cleaning: participants are required to assist Aboriginal villagers to clean and restructure the nearby river.
- Basic English teaching: Aboriginal kids will be selected to be in the classroom.
- Afternoon Tea Break.
- Nature Arts Activity: Bertam Weaving (Making Rooftop). The Aboriginals will give you an opportunity to make a rooftop by using the bertam weave.

Day 6 - Jungle Survivor activity

- English Teaching followed by an afternoon Tea Break.
- Jungle Trekking & Outdoor Jungle Survival:
The outdoor survival will demonstrate the various techniques of Outdoor Survival cooking. The instructor will assist the participants to prepare outdoor cooking using all the given materials: tin-foil, solid fuel and candle stick.
- Jungle Survival Skills by the Natives: you will be taught on how to stay in the Green Living Concept where you will be introduced a few traditional ways of living without wasting carbon footprint. All the equipment will 100% be collected in the Jungle.
- Learn the art of fire-starting using wax, twigs and wood shavings.
- Prepare for dinner with Traditional Bamboo Cooking.
- Night Walk with our Aboriginal instructors. The team will be brought to the Sungai Pisang Waterfall.

Day 7 - Departure

- Transfer to the airport for your flight back home.
The program will vary depending on departure time.