Number of days : 7

Snorkeling with whale sharks, Local school, Conservation project, Biologists' lectures

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The so-called “Paradise on Earth”… Who has never dreamt of a trip on the white-sand beaches of a Maldivian island? But what iTS have to offer for this destination is way more than that!
For the past five years, we have been partnering with English biologists, members of the “Maldives Whale Shark research Programme” (MWSrP), and the best experts on the whale sharks in this archipelago. Through daily lectures, the students will learn how important it is to take an active role to protect this area of the world.

Day 1 - Arrival

- Arrival at Malé International Airport before your flight to Maamigili and your boat transfer to Dhigurah for check-in at your resort.
- Welcome meeting and introduction to your Service Project: you will assist the MWSRP members in their data collection to monitor and evaluate the status of the whale sharks.
In essence, the focus is on conservation and research; members from both the MWSrP and iTS share a passionate interest in this fascinating species and also a concern for the well-being of this high profile animal.

Day 2 - First Snorkeling experience & lecture

- Whale shark research – aboard a Dhoni (local boat used by Maldivians). The waters of the Maldives are also amongst the best in the world for viewing a vast array of sea life and corals.
- MWSRP lecture on the Maldives (history, geology and physics) and the Coral Reef, a major feature for Maldivians and part of our in-water surveys – coral health and impacts. The Maldives is sensitive to the threat of global warming and the effects of pollution on corals are devastating.

Day 3 - Snorkeling day & lecture

- Whale shark research with the MWSRP staff. We encourage students to keep a journal, compile a photo essay or write a blog to allow them to reflect on their experience.
- Lecture on Whale Sharks (biology, behavior, research, conservation, threats), marine mammals (other inhabitants likely to be encountered) and Marine Life Species Identification.

Day 4 - local School & Beach clean-up

- Cultural exchange with the students of a local school: share and learn about their daily life. We advise you to bring some material to represent your home and your school.
- Beach clean-up session. After being taught on the Maldivian environment, we will bring our contribution by collecting plastic bottles and other trash items along the beaches.

Day 5 - Snorkeling day & lecture

- Whale shark research.
Species identification should be improved by now, as should your confidence in the water.
- Lecture by the MWSRP: presentation of local projects into the awareness programs for climate change, marine pollution and tsunami recovery. Maldivians are extremely eco-conscious and are keen to raise awareness worldwide.

Day 6 - Snorkeling day & record your data

- Whale shark research. Photograph the corals, fish and invertebrates that you will discover today.
- Lecture by the MWSRP: learn on how the MWSRP staff enters their data and identify the individual whale sharks. This is now your chance to compile your pictures and notes to share with the MWSRP members and finally provide us with your impression and feelings on your experience.

Day 7 - Departure

- Transfer to Malé international airport for your flight back home.
The program will vary depending on departure time.