Number of days : 8

Adventure sports, Al Hoota Caves, Snorkeling, Service project

Adventure and Sports Cultural City Tour


The Sultanate of Oman is a tiny country in the Middle East that, for the most part, nobody has heard of. From stunning, secluded beaches and adventurous off-roading to busy souks and fertile remote valleys, a trip to Oman will provide calming respite from everyday life.

Day 1 - Arrival

- On arrival in Oman, you will be taken to the Capital Area Yacht Club (CAYC) for a night camp and dinner.
- Dinner and overnight at the camp.

Day 2 - Kayak expedition to Jissar Beach

- Instructions for kayaking: the instructor will go through the necessary safety drills in the waters next to the CAYC beach where the group can practice in view of the staff and next to the club where they can have regular breaks.
- You will be taken by road to the entry point for the sea kayak expedition.
This camp, as with the next few camps, will be a wild camp, and we will have to carry our tents and gear in our kayaks.
- A vehicle or boat on hand will transport the meals and the water. Overnight and dinner at the camp.

Day 3 - Kayak expedition to Yankit

- We will continue the kayak to Yankit, a secluded bay, where we will have our second night wild camp.
- Today will have been the longest: the group will travel since entering the water, with an average distance of 20km.
- Overnight and dinner at the camp.

Day 4 - Kayak expedition to Bander Khayran

- Kayak from Yankit to the entrance of Bander Khayran (BK), a large inland waterway with many sandy beaches and bays to explore.
- The snorkeling is fantastic and may be possible depending on the time of arrival. - Wild camp and dinner on one of the many beaches of BK.

Day 5 - Bander Khayran

- Explore the waterways taking a circuit out along the coast.
- We will be able to find a suitable beach which requires some help due to the litter that has been washed up over time. The group will take part in their Service by clearing a beach of rubbish and transferring it to the support boat. The litter has become a major problem in the coastal waters of Oman, endangering local wildlife.
- Another night back at the camp for a wild camp.

Day 6 - Bander Khayran

- Group 1 will take the boat to a large outcrop in the sea where they will take part on the via ferrata climbing route.
- Group 2 will take part in a small kayak and snorkeling. In the afternoon the groups will rotate.
- End of the kayak expedition and head off back to Muscat.

Day 7 - Nizwa town

- Head off to the old capital of Oman, Nizwa town: visit the local souk and the Al Hoota Caves.
- Continue the journey through the Jebel Akhdar Mountains on the long and winding road to the plateau of Jebal Shams, home to the Grand Canyon of the Middle East. After the small trek they will settle in for another night of wild camping at an altitude of approximately 1,800 m above sea level.
- Wild camp and dinner

Day 8 - Off-road adventure & Departure

- A perfect start to the superb views, clear air and coolness of the mountains.
- Return journey back to Muscat. This off-road adventure takes the group to some amazing sights in the mountains, with a small detour to Nakhal Fort.
- Transfer to the International Airport for your flight back home.
The program will vary depending on departure time.